A teacher at her very core.

Sachi James offers wisdom and clarity. Her insight and teachings will help you develop your own knowledge, skills and techniques on how to truly integrate well being for yourself in any area of your life.

I am honoured, grateful and very excited to be part of the 2 year – 7 module Chacaruna program starting this fall.

Olga Tosevski, RMT, 2018


Sachi’s course, “Indigenous Teachings about Womanhood” allowed for time to get “in flow” and have an opportunity to connect the dots and more importantly, move beyond awareness to mindful strategies connected to ourselves and to nature’s medicines. A great mix of theory and hands-on.

I am not one to easily dive into group courses with sharing, but the group was warm and sincere and we made a deep connection.

With gratitude…

Little Turtle Singing, 2018


Sachi is the real deal! There are so many options of workshops and retreats out there. It can be a daunting task to find an authentic, genuine, course to take. Sachi is a medical and spiritual intuitive. She has real connections to spirit and spirit guides who guide her throughout her workshops. I also see Sachi personally. Every insight, or question Sachi presents to me, I immediately, intuitively, go yes…that makes sense, I understand.

With regard to the recent workshop, “Women of Spirit Wisdom, Part 1”; this was a very grounding and connecting course. I became aware of a “Medicine Bowl” surrounding my feminine parts, and energy centres, which I didn’t realize existed or needed clearing. I am familiar with the Chakra system, and in some ways the medicine bowl mirrored some of the chakras. However, this was a unique understanding and healing of the dirt we as women collect, and the reclaiming of our personal power.

I would highly recommend any workshop, offering, or connection with Sachi.


CA, 2018


Thank you Sachi for once again leading me through a weekend of transformation. I have a better understanding of how to nurture, protect and listen to my womanhood. Your teachings were inspiring and my path is cleared. And what an amazing group of women! I always look forward to learning more with your guidance and love.

Heidi, 2018


I truly enjoyed the Indigenous Teachings about Womanhood course, most of my energy is spent helping and taking care of others and often feeling drained, stressed & not valued as a woman.

I left this course full of energy, hopeful and with the tools I need to change the parts of my life that need changing so I can feel valued as a woman and less stressed. I feel this course was a true gift to myself & highly recommend it to others.


Irene, 2018


I have participated in three of Sachi’s workshops. Each time I have left experiencing the wonder of yet another opening in my spiritual journey. The most recent course was “Women of Spirit Indigenous Teachings about Womanhood”, and I left feeling greatly healed and with a feeling of joy and celebration of womanhood and sisterhood. Thank you Sachi for just the right touch–gentleness, firmness and generosity of spirit.

Marilyn, 2018


I attended the “Indigenous Teachings about Womanhood” course on January 13th and 14th, 2018 and I highly recommend it to any woman seeking to heal herself.

Sachi is an excellent teacher and gifted group facilitator. She created a respectful learning environment that was well-paced and organized. Concepts were defined and supported by examples that helped facilitate further learning. Beneficial exercises were completed to reinforce and demonstrate the importance of nourishing and connecting with spirit, self and the sisterhood.

I gained further understanding into the dominance of our egos in our lives versus the little awareness we give to our medicine bowl and mother earth. I experienced a greater appreciation of the devastation this pattern has on our essence as women and our ability to feel grounded, use our voices, create personal boundaries and take action in our lives.

This course compliments and enriches my one-on-one sessions with Sachi. It reminds me of the healing that has occurred and the need for me to continue to learn and nourish my spirit being ever mindful each day.

Thank you Sisters for being my witness.

L., 2018


Sachi, once again you and your “Sacred Medicine Ways” have unearthed another part of my buried spirit, giving it life.


S.G., 2017


I initially went to Sachi for help to detox during my chemo treatments.  As that is all I asked for, I somehow expected the effects of her healing would be limited to that (chemo detox).  I feel good positive energy and often a significant feeling of unexpected happiness and lightness as I go through my chemo treatment.  I am enjoying the benefits and feelings of my well-being.

In fact, I have also had positive changes in other areas that I wasn’t even aware I needed to address.  My results from Sachi’s work are much more wide-ranging and all-encompassing than I expected; especially my recognition of a long-time habit of mine to take on problems of others. Through my regular visits with Sachi, I am working on letting go of that habit.

In every session, I always feel so safe with Sachi; which is important to me for my healing.

My deepest gratitude,

Joy Levine, 2017


When I initially started seeing Sachi and attending her workshops, I had been caught up in daily life with trying to deal with PTSD and endometriosis.  Since working with Sachi to reach the point that what doctors thought was endometriosis is completely gone, and my Complex PTSD symptoms dramatically reduced such that I no longer need medication to sleep at night.  I have now been able to move to a new chapter of my life and journey entirely.  But the healing didn’t stop with these two significant issues!

Now that I’m not bogged down by the daily trauma of PTSD and half of my month isn’t taken up by physical pain, I’ve been able to work with Sachi to get an incredible new focus on developing my innate gifts – some of which have never before had the space to be developed.  The workshops and one-on-one sessions with Sachi have completely changed my life in the best way possible.  I’m increasingly becoming more confident and powerful in myself; and my spouse and friends are all amazed and thrilled for me with the transformation.  I can’t express enough how grateful I am for having discovered Sachi and the ability to work with her on my journey of healing and empowerment!!!

By the way – the healing has been continuing and it’s really building cumulatively!  Thank you so much for such an incredible workshop last weekend.

M. Logan, 2017


I’d been seeing Sachi for a few months to deal with menstrual and other health issues I’ve been experiencing, when she mentioned her group workshops on healing.  I was hesitant because I liked the one-to-one care and was intimidated by a group process.  However, I signed up and I cannot even begin to explain how grounding, healing and supportive this two-day workshop was.  I attended Sachi’s Women’s Healing Workshop.  Sachi’s facilitation style takes you gently and confidently towards your own spiritual path, provides you with the knowledge to use indigenous medicine to heal yourself and challenges you to receive the healing available to you.  She creates an environment that is supportive, individualized through partner work and promotes safety in the space through reflection and sharing.  I now want to go to ALL her workshops – not only did I take away skills, there is so much hands-on healing that takes place, you actually do the healing work while you are learning about it.

Nicole G., 2017


I just completed the “Womanhood – Healing & Self Discovery” course today.  Every course I take with Sachi is an amazing experience – the learning, the healing, the understanding and personal growth that takes place in me and the other amazing women who come together is profound.

Sachi is truly an awesome teacher and gifted Shamanic healer.

Deborah M., 2017


I took Sachi’s Women of Spirit Wisdom Program and I’ll admit, initially I was skeptical I’d get anything from the workshop to justify its price.  But I was wrong; it was worth every penny. I got a stronger sense of self and a renewed energy that’s helped me finally get unstuck.

What I loved in particular about the Workshop was that it helped me work through areas I had been struggling with for a while (like my need for validation and discovering what my gifts are).  While Sachi’s guidance and feedback, including her healing rituals, were instrumental in this, it was everyone’s openness and vulnerability that created a space where it felt safe to explore parts of myself I normally would keep walled off.

The Workshop covered a lot of information about feeling more empowered as a woman and Sachi structured it in such a way that made it clear, logical, and easy to absorb.  I would highly recommend EVERY woman attend if they can.

Amy, 2017


Working with Sachi has been nothing short of transformative for me.  Physically, I went from years of debilitating pain during my period (as in, nausea, fainting, unable to walk across the room due to the pain).  But after working with Sachi; even though it has only been for one workshop and one session, so far – I only experience such mild cramping that I don’t even need Midol!  That is nothing short of miraculous for me, given the extreme pain I lived with for years.  I also feel so much more internally aware and powerful than I ever have before, and I look forward to continuing to work with Sachi so that I can become an increasingly healed and powerful version of myself.

M. Logan, 2016


Sachi James offers worlds of guidance and insight. She inspires and helps you to co-create a balance of well-being in all areas of your life. Her practice and teachings of Ancient Native Wisdom Healing has helped me to bring into my own life peace, joy and abundance. Sachi establishes a safe and sacred space in her treatments which allows you to trust and acknowledge the discomforts in any area of your life, by doing so Sachi then guides you into the depths of your own being to heal those wounds, whether they arise from past life or current karma brought on to you by others or that which you have unknowingly created in your own life. Sachi teaches you the wisdom of our Ancestors so that you too may bring to light the true joy in your own life and others.

It is my knowing that within each of us there is a sacred place that, if nurtured can be brought to life and Sachi helps us to accomplish all that we choose to reach for.

With blessings and much gratitude,

Thank you Sachi.

O.T., 2015.


I first started seeing Sachi some time ago, as I had injured my hip 7 years prior and had been experiencing referred pain in my ankle ever since. I had seen countless specialists about it and was starting to think it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. But, Sachi was able to get to the root of it almost immediately, and I’m so happy (and amazed) that my hip has regained its’ full mobility, and I no longer have any pain in my ankle.

Through my visits with Sachi I’ve gained a new appreciation for ‘healing’ and a greater knowledge and respect for the deeper parts of myself.

I’ve been drawn to learn more about Traditional Native Healing and I couldn’t imagine a better teacher. Sachi truly embodies the teachings. She is a wise and wondrous medicine woman. With a compassionate heart, incredible intuition and powerful mastery of the sacred medicines, she has helped me heal emotional wounds, encouraged and empowered me to face my inner truth, and is a trusted guide on my spiritual path.

I have also witness my sister having gone through deep emotional, energetic and spiritual healing through Sachi’s counselling and healing work.

Words can’t sum up the respect and gratitude I have for Sachi and the work that she does.

Amy Taylor, 2015


My gratitude towards Sachi for the healing, guidance and wisdom she shares is immeasurable.  I feel blessed to have her as my Native Healer and confidant.  I’ve been seeing her weekly for over a year, in that time she healed my life-long insomnia and guided me on a grieving process of loved ones and my marriage. She continues to heal many deep parts of me that were holding me back from living my truth and feeling my personal power.  I will be able to create a more beautiful life for my daughter and I, thanks to the work I have done, and will continue to do with Sachi.

Marla May, 2015

My name is Maria Elena. I am a 46 year old mother of 3. I have been seeing Sachi since Jan 2014. I was suffering from digestive/heart issues and severe depression and anxiety. My weight was reduced to 110 lbs. I have always weighed about 140-150 lbs., so I looked quite frail and weak and my diet was non-existent. I was afraid to eat, I was afraid to leave my house and didn’t see any reason to continue to be in this world. It was a very dark time. I had to move back in with my mom and she became the primary care giver for my children. I tried any and every method to try to get better. The only thing I had to cling to was my faith. Then I walked into a health store that I frequented and the wonderful women behind the counter told me about a Native Healer that had helped her daughter. I immediately made an appointment. Sachi has definitely helped me, using techniques and methods that are not what modern medicine would deem as conventional. Thank goodness for that. Since being in treatment with Sachi I am back to my regular weight, not afraid to eat and my anxiety has definitely reduced. I am still receiving treatment to further stabilize my emotional state and my heart issues, but I am confident that in time that will be resolved. I Thank God for Sachi and the passionate and effective work that she does.

Maria Elena, 2015

Sachi possesses phenomenal healing powers that are unique and truly outstanding. With her clear sight, she fosters deep healing and brings spiritual awareness to ones inner strengths and gifts. Through her connection to spirit and deep wisdom, Sachi plants the seed of profound hope within each of us and touches each of our hearts by assisting us to make positive life changes. Sachi is a life coach and mentor for those of us who have lost our way.

With deep gratitude,

Mary, 2015

I have known Sachi for 10 years now. Initially I came to her for Craniosacral healing. I then noticed some native artifacts emerging in her work room, and learned of her Indigenous practices and Shamanic studies. I was intrigued, and asked to learn more. She worked with me to begin a path of healing that I would never have anticipated. We have uncovered layers and layers of wounding, both from this life and past lives. I have delved into relationships with people in my life. I have worked with energy, light, stones, and native totems. The more I am willing to work, the greater the wonderful changes in my life as I move towards more understanding of myself, and developing confidence, assuredness, and self-love. Sachi’s teachings, have given me a deeper understanding and integration of the spirit world in my life.

Sachi has a deep sense of integrity, and I trust her completely. At times, I may question her suggestions, but I know that not long afterwards, I will truly grasp the significance of her insights, and her channeled messages from my spirit guides! Her intuitive abilities are incredible, and she can ‘tune in’ for guidance on almost anything of relevance. I would certainly recommend Sachi to anyone looking for true insight, and who is willing to work on self development. With Sachi’s guidance, anything is possible!

Deborah, 2015

Sachi is a medicine woman of great integrity, she is a highly skilled and gifted intuitive healer. Her commitment to her spiritual path is without question. Sachi is able to see into the root cause of a person’s suffering with her gifts of insight, understanding and knowledge. With both compassion and a extensive skill set, Sachi creates a sacred and supportive space that fosters a platform for transformation and healing.

D. Heney, Medical Intuitive 2015

I was sad, feeling empty, often depressed and suffering from anxiety when I first met Sachi.

Using native healing, she identified the causes of my suffering and was able to heal them.

Not only do I feel much better emotionally, physically and mentally, my whole life changed for the better. The things that negatively impacted my life went away, filling my life with positivity and contentment. After a session, I feel refreshed, renewed and I have an inner peace and happiness that is indescribable. I am so glad I had the courage to try something new.

Irene, 2015