A woman’s Path: Teachings and Personal Power Healings- Many women have forgotten their beauty, their gifts, their power and their sacredness. They have lost their sense of who they are. Traditional Native teachings and practices are powerful tools in helping women find their authentic selves and reconnect to their joy.

Heart issues- Some women suffer silently with deep issues of the heart. These spiritual heart issues often become awakened when pent up emotions surface during chaos or a fight for survival. Traditional teachings, sacred ceremony and personal healings can help to rebuild spiritual heart health and bring harmony into one’s life.

Sexuality Issues- A woman’s sexual attitudes and practices can become broken and disempowered. Womens’ Native Teachings and practices help women reconnect to their desires, their feminine wisdom and improve self worth.

Loss of a child- Women endure the loss of their children through, abortion, still births, and sudden death. This loss causes a great wound deep in the soul. Native teachings, healings, ceremonies and practices offer powerful support and guidance for the woman suffering from this life event.

Womens’ Diseases- Women suffer commonly from Ovarian, Uterus and lung Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus, Migraines, infertility and heart disease. These diseases often begin when a Woman’s Medicine Bowl becomes sick. The Medicine bowl includes the reproductive organs, lower chakras and heart. The build up of physical and emotional toxins, over time, make it hard for the body to remain healthy. It also becomes increasingly difficult for the body to access its own medicines to support self healing. Medicine Bowl teachings and healings are effective in promoting and optimizing healing for these conditions.