As we go through life, the stories of our spiritual, mental and physical traumas gather in our physical body. When this happens we often end up with chronic aches and pains, recurring illnesses and physical dysfunctions. Traditional ceremonies, and practices help us to reconnect to our inner medicines that rejuvenate or bodies and bring us back to health.

Chronic Fatigue– Chronic fatigue is very common. The source of the fatigue can involve energetic and emotional disturbances and deeply rooted body stories. Traditional Native healing and practices assist in healing this condition.

Cancer Support– Diseases involve dysfunction in the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. So often times the best care can be offered through a combination of conventional and traditional approaches. In addition to offering focused spiritual and emotional healing to assist with fear and coping skills, Traditional Native practices also provide an effective means to assist with balancing the physical body to the abrasive effects of cancer intervention modalities and assist with detoxification.

Chronic illness– involves an intricate interaction between our emotional, spiritual, mental and physiological states. When one or more of these states become out of balance we become sick. If balance is not found then chronic conditions develop. Traditional Native Healing directs us to the source of the illness and helps us to regain balance.

Weak immune system– We develop issues with our immune system when we lack strong energetic, spiritual and emotional defences. Traditional Native Healing Practices and Ceremony help to strengthen the areas of weakness so that the body can access its own healing medicines and regain health.