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Healing Grief Through Sacred Ceremony and Honouring Our Emotions

When the wind blows, can you hear the voices of the ancestors of your past whispering your name? Do you celebrate the memories of times shared and reach outward to feel their presence, knowing they have come to bring you healing and blessings?

As we journey through life we touch the lives of people around us, just as we are touched by them. Some of these connections are deep, meaningful, long term relationships, and others last only for a season. The relationships we experience with our family members and our friends each move us in different ways, filling us with stories of joy, sadness, regret, fear, and love…read more


Managing Stress with Indigenous Wisdom

When you get up each morning how do you feel? Do you embrace the day with a peaceful joy and look forward to the wonders ahead, or are you unable to relax, drained or angry, worried about how you will make it through your day while meeting life’s challenges?

All of us must fight with the challenge of stress in our lives and it grows in intensity as we allow our negative thoughts and feelings to flourish inside us. As these seeds of stress are planted inside of us as we begin to disconnect from our natural rhythms and cycles and from our connection to Great Creator. We then fall out of harmony with ourselves and others as we try desperately to meet time constraints, work deadlines and social obligations. If left unacknowledged, stress can take on a life of its own, causing symptoms of anxiety, poor concentration, anger and body pain…read more


Healing the Spirit Sickness of Low Self Worth with Indigenous Wisdom

In times of the past, it was believed by Aboriginal and Indigenous people that we all have innate medicines, gifts, and talents that need to be nurtured. As such, they would raise their children with the intention of nourishing their spirit and cultivating these medicines, gifts, and talents, often by assigning them to the care of an elder or medicine person who would offer guidance and healing in conjunction with parental care. The child was observed for many moons, and as they grew into themselves, they were nurtured and celebrated through ceremonies and feasts that cultivated pride and courage. There was a concerted focus on helping all people to remember who they were and who they could be…read more


Mending Our Spiritual Fabric

Many moons ago, Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures lived off the land and were connected to the spirit of all living things. They believed that the foundation of who we are was made up of three deeply connected parts – the mind, body, and spirit – and that all sickness started in the spirit. The rigorous demands of Aboriginal and Indigenous lifestyles necessitated a deep relationship with the Creator and the nourishment of the spirit, through a strong connection to nature, community, and ceremony. These relationships and connections were believed to be an integral part of sustaining the health of the individual, and the community as a whole…read more


Indigenous Wisdom: Healing Women’s Emotional Pain with Ceremony, Ritual, and Breathwork

Every word and thought carries a vibration. If we are surrounded by healthy relationships and love, we hear the words that nourish our soul, and in time, these words become part of who we are, how we feel, and what we believe about ourselves.

When we experience abuse or spend time in an environment that is devoid of loving and supportive words and gestures, they too become part of who we are and the perception we form of ourselves.

Once we have deeply internalized these words and thoughts, they move from our mind to become deeply rooted within our spirit and body. They reflect outwardly, from within each of us, as heart ache and emotional pain…read more